Seven Days…

A ‘Nature photography challenge’ has been a rampage on the Facebook. It is a challenge chain to create an awareness of the beauty and importance of Nature. A person posts a photograph show casing the scenic beauty of Nature each day for seven days. On each day he/she challenges seven different talented people to come up with similar pictures and these seven people repeat this and the chain goes on…I was introduced to this challenge by some of my friends and a dear Cousin.
Firstly I thought it was a very silly thing to do, then when checked out other people’s Facebook profile, I felt it would be very interesting to participate. So I started gathering some of my very recent favourites and some of my favourites quotes to go with the pictures…
 Day 7: Al Kudra Lake, Dubai


Every dawn is a new beginning …
Stand Tall; Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.
Be prepared; When the dust comes in, there will be darkness…
Have faith; Beyond darkness, there will be light which is stronger in contrast…
Don’t wait; There will be no perfect condition to begin. BEGIN! and the conditions will become perfect!
Live life like a dance; One day, life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.

Luv n Peace,

3 thoughts on “Seven Days…

  1. Thank you for connecting! You’re so talented. Keep going strong. Such beautiful shots and messages included.
    The last part was deeply motivating😄
    Nature photography is love for me too!
    P.s – you’ve visited some of the most spectacular locations it seemed but it’s all in vain if a person doesn’t try creative shots, I can’t say the same about you because you have a very creative eye and a poets’ heart.
    Love you work❤

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