Its over an year I have been living in Dubai, by far, one of the best things about Dubai is the Winters; its never too harsh. So you can find majority of the Dubai crowd roaming around in different places, trying adventure sports, going on bike rides or else just flaunting their top-down ride. Currently, I belong to the first part of the crowd ;).

I have been to couple of good places nearby but I always wanted to go on a short cruise. Due to the hectic work and hot climate of Dubai I never really had the time nor the mind set to go for one. Then it was a on a Wednesday that my cousin/a fellow avid photographer rang me asking – ‘You wanna cruise to musandam?’ for which ‘Hell yeah!!’ was the obvious answer.

Complimented by the sweetest climate in the year, we started off our journey on a early Friday morning at around 6am heading straight to the Oman border. After a couple of security checks we were on our way hopping from boat to boat to our vessel. Once all the guests came in, we started our cruise. To be frank, all I expected was a normal boat ride, some light leg stretching and probably a nice nap with the cool breeze of the sea. But it turned out to be one lovely ride of all times!!

After a short while of leaving the shore, we were surrounded by endless horizon of green water, blue skies, and rough range of mountains. Obviously, my cousin and me started off shooting pictures. Truly a treat for the eyes I must say. On the cruise, we were provided with refreshments like fruit juices and snacks, further to this we had also packed some snacks too. One and a half hour through the journey we reach a beach were many of us jumped in for a quick relaxing dip were as some went snorkeling. To be frank I enjoyed the relaxing part more as the snorkeling was nothing great. Once this was done we were provided with a nice lunch and then we moved into other activities like a quick speed boat ride, banana ride followed by fishing!



We were back on the shore at around 5 and all of us had a nice stroll on the beach playing with the waves and collecting pebbles and sea shells. So all that started well ended well too with the sun shying away from the sky behind the mountains!

~Luv n Peace,


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