Bhutan, In the pursuit of Happiness…

There are a very few beautiful places in the world which should be enjoyed and cherished with out the distraction of a camera. Bhutan has topped this list. Prior to the commencement of the trip, I saw a lot of videos and read lots of articles about Bhutan so as to prepare my self on what kinds of images I could expect. Each article and each video mentioned about Bhutan being a ‘Happy’ place. This got me curious and I couldn’t wait to find out why.

Sandwiched between two giant countries, India and China, Bhutan is a scenic and serene country. Due to constant thunder rains, ‘Bhutan’ translates to ‘Druk yul’ which means ‘The land of the Thunder Dragon’ in Bhutanese (‘Druk’ means Thunder Dragon). The place was naturally blessed with such beautiful lush greenery and landscape. It is indeed a law in the country for its citizens to preserve the nature and the cultural heritage. And hats off to these people, they have been doing it for decades.

The Bhutanese are very calm and composed. They always have a smiling friendly face and are kind enough to pose for pictures as well. They really knew how to be happy always. When I asked one of the local folks there about the reason why the Bhutanese are always considered ‘Happy’, he told me; ‘We believe in simple joys of the mundane being content with whatever nature has to offer and lead a stress free lives. We don’t compete with each other, we complete each other…’ Simple yet powerful, I thought.

In this blog I don’t want to elaborate on Bhutan as a place, because you can get that on any travel websites, but I want to show you what I saw and felt…
Here’s to the Land of Happiness…




Luv n Peace,


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