Fossil Dunes of Al Wathba

Al Wathba, a place is the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, which is scarcely inhabitant due to its distance from the city and industrial nature. The first impression of this place while we drove was that it was a barren land with hardly anything but vast dessert and industrial buildings. In the middle of this place is an interesting natural formation called the fossil dunes. Fossil dunes are sand formation resulting from the continuous wind in a particular direction. Basically the wind sculptures the sand and it hardens over time due to minute water content. The result is a miniature version of the Grand Canyon seen in US. It is an interesting natural formation to see, but its best to visit this place clubbed other spots around as well.

Β Ideal time to visit this place is during the golden hours in the evening so that you get the sun in the right direction and avoid the electric lines in your frames.

-Luv n Peace;


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