Ladakh- One of the places where Heaven meets the Earth..


This is a long pending blog which was long overdue from my side as the trip was done in early June. But I can still feel the awe I went through and the thumping music my heart played as I gazed down upon the lovely mountain scape of Leh-Ladakh from the airplane’s window. Naturally beautiful and decked up in different shades of green, white and brown; Ladakh is the dream destination for hikers, bikers, adventures and photographers. As I belonged to the fourth category, I started getting my gear ready as soon as I saw the view.Ladakh shelters different variety of people ranging from the local Ladakhi community, tourists from different parts of the world to the brave soldiers of the Indian Army. I don’t think I can really describe this trip in just a blog or even two because Ladakh is a place were not only you get to see amazing landscapes and beautiful scenic spots, it’s a place where you experience and feel nature up close and personal. It’s a place which is not pampered by technology or industrialization, a place where people entertain, show you the best routes to reach destination and share their stories and news over camp fires…

Among some of the few amazing things about Ladakh are the people, the Ladakhis have a strong heart and an even more stronger minds. They are really helpful, they have immense courage in them, yet humble. It’s next to impossible to break a ladakhi’s sprits and they are capable of speaking to you and lifting your spirits and make you take that one extra mile which you never thought you could. It’s in their blood and in their culture which you get to see in the eyes of every child and every elder you come across there. Another set of people I like to highlight are the soldiers of the Indian Army. Seeing each one of them standing tall and respectful in that fierce climatic situation gives one a great sense of envy and patriotism. I had recently read a quote on facebook about the soldiers posted in the high range of Ladakh – “An adventure of a lifetime for you is just another daily routine for us.” I understood how much that statement made sense after this trip.

On my flight back to Dubai, I was sitting back, sipping my drink, relaxing and watching the movie ‘The Secret life of Walter Mitty’. In the movie I read an amazing quote which I could very well relate with this trip:


“..To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel..
That is the purpose of LIFE…”

Word of caution: One must be really healthy to travel to Ladakh. The high altitude is a killer combination of low oxygen and chilled wind. The low levels of oxygen can leave you breathless when you take a few steps while the cold winds will literally make chills run down your spine. One must make sure to stay hydrated throughout the trip and also breathe deeply and steadily in order to balance out the oxygen scarcity in the body. Always take baby steps and don’t let any kind of adrenaline rush hit you, because in no time you will feel your BP go up and leave you breathless.

Luv n Peace;


8 thoughts on “Ladakh- One of the places where Heaven meets the Earth..

  1. Such an amazing description … Made me feel that I was right with you in the whole journey.. Pls travel more and more …. Looking forward to join you one day …. Proud of you BRO…!!!!! YOU ROCK..

    • Really appreciate your words brother! I definitely will keep travelling as much as i can and as far i can !.. and yeah, definitely one day our paths will cross 😉 … looking forward to that one! ;);) Peace!

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