Serene Sarnath

Visiting Sarnath was a part of the Varanasi Tour Package organized by Indian Photo tours. Folks of the tour wanted to show us a contrasting picture after seeing Varanasi. In case you missed reading about my amazing experience at Varanasi, click right here. Located 13kms from Varanasi, Sarnath is the birth place of Buddhism. A few weeks after his enlightenment, Buddha went to Sarnath. The kings and the merchants of Varanasi are the main reasons for Buddhism to flourished in Sarnath.

 The whole scene at Sarnath was totally different from that of Varanasi. The place was peaceful and clean as compared to Varanasi which was full of chaos and dirt. The monks were very shy and refused to pose for photographs, unlike the babas of the Varanasi  who were totally enthusiastic for clicking pictures and were even versatile once you strike a conversation with them. I did respect their privacy, nevertheless I managed to frame a couple of candid and environmental portraits. Most of the monks are brought up in the shrine itself, and they were whole heartedly dedicated to the service of the shrine. We couldn’t get a close look in and around the place as there were lots of restrictions, however we could make out that it had lots of facilities like dorms, hostels, recreational area and also a school. The place was rich and vibrant with colorful decorations and sculptures using cloth, paint, metal and even glass. One of the most observant feature of any Buddhist monastery is the dominant color RED. Being considered as the auspicious and scared color in Tibetan culture, the color RED is believed to have protective qualities and reflects passion, transmuted to discrimination wisdom.
 The silent breeze, clean shrines and peaceful monks of Sarnath reverberated a feel of serenity and made one feel ‘lighter’ compared to the chaos of the cities…
Love n Peace;

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