Ghost Village; Jazirat al Hamra

Jazirat al Hamra which translates to ‘Red Island’ in Arabic, is located in the costal strip of Ras al Khaima. The town is mainly known for its collection of abandoned houses which are believed to be haunted. During the early 14th century, this town was occupied by a tribe who made a living out of pearl diving and fishing. The tribe left the village after a dispute and started housing in Abu Dhabi. Corals and sea shells were incorporated with stone and mud to create the walls of the oldest buildings; most of the houses were built from coral rag, the roofs were constructed from palm trunks. The younger building were built from bricks of crushed coral.


As we entered the village, we first came across a elderly local person who was riding across in the car in slow pace. As he saw us with camera, he spoke to us in Arabic saying “Mafi Photo, Mafi Photo” which means “No Photos”. We waited near the car for him to pass by, but he was stationary in the car giving us a persistent stare. Then after quiet some time of staring, he muttered some thing in Arabic with hand signs and drove away slowly. We waited for the car to go out of our sight and then, we got ready to start exploring the village…
The whole village spread over 1-2km in radius, was un-usually quiet except for the waves crashing over the sea shore and the whooshing of the wind through the narrow alley ways of the village. We did a lot of exploration through the village going from one house to another. Most of the houses were naturally demolished, including a mosque. There were some restorations going on the hold up a tall structure. After an hour and a half of roaming around the village, we came across a sign board which said “Photography is not allowed”! By that time, the Sun was mid way up the sky and the light was getting too harsh, hence we packed up our gear and left the place. From my personal experience I found this place to be a interesting spot for photography, I was able to make some unique frames, and it was also fun exploring around. Enjoy the pictures down below …


Luv n Peace,


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