Colors Phase Two: Brighter when the mind is open…

After quiet an amount of work related stuff to do, I finally managed to pursue my little personal project on ‘Colors’. In case you are wondering about ‘Phase 1’ of this little project, I insist you have a read on this link Colors Phase One: Smiles of nature . If you already read the part one of this beautiful story then please keep reading on…

I again tried some more experiments with more objects, mainly colorful toys. Also as it was winter here in Dubai, I took my camera for a stroll to the Global Village. And yeah as usual I did manage to click a couple of interesting shots for my theme.

What I learned was, when one starts ‘Shooting with a theme’, the mind focuses on seeing objects based on the theme. Also one starts looking for objects that correspond to the theme. The more of such small projects one does, the more the creative side of the mind works. When nearing fatigue on a theme, or running out of ideas, the best thing one can do is to drop it for a while and pick it up later. That’s the reason this project has been done in two phases.  I will be back with a new project with a new theme soon. I hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I did while making it, any feed back/ comments will be much appreciated.
Luv n Peace,

Lemme konw what you think :) ...

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