Days in Regensburg (Germany)…

Regensburg, is a city in the state of Bavaria, Germany.  This city gets its name from the Roman settlement Castra Regina, and is situated at the confluence of the Danube, Regen, and Naab rivers. Regensburg is the cultural center of southern Germany and was celebrated for its gold work and fabrics. I had a chance to get a glimpse of this place during one of my official travel towards the end of 2013 (December). During my short stay, I made some visits to some of the well known landmarks in and around this city.

The Stone Bridge: Built across the Danube between 1135 and 1146, this is a highlight of medieval bridge building. The bridge opened major international trade routes between northern Europe and Venice, and this began Regensburg’s golden age as a residence of wealthy trading families. The knights of the 2nd and 3rd crusade used it to cross the Danube on their way to the Holy Land. Restoration works are done for this bridge once in a few decades.


A walk on the stone bridge

Musicians entertaining the tourists...

Musicians entertaining the tourists…

The stone bridge (under renovation)

The stone bridge (under renovation)

View of the city from the stone bridge.

View of the city from the stone bridge.




















The Regensburg Cathedral: It was founded in 1275 and completed in 1634, with the exception of the towers, which were finished in 1869. Dedicated to St Peter, it is the most important church and landmark of the city of Regensburg. The interior contains numerous interesting monuments, including one of Peter Vischer’s masterpieces. Carved and colorfully painted are the figures of Mary and the famous laughing figure of the angel Gabriel. The figures are juxtaposed to one another on the two western pillars at the crossing of the nave. Mary’s right hand is slightly raised toward the angel in greeting. In her left hand she holds a book, into which she is pointing with her index finger. The church is the prime example of Gothic architecture in Bavaria.

_KP_4712 _KP_4228


View of the Regensburg Cathedral from one end of the stone bridge.












The Walhalla: The Walhalla is a hall of fame that honors laudable and distinguished people, famous personalities in German history – politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue. The hall is housed in a neo-classical building above the Danube River, east of Regensburg, in Bavaria, Germany. The Walhalla is named for Valhalla of Norse mythology. Since it was located at an elevated point, it gave a beautiful view of river Danube.

_KP_3915 _KP_4023                   _KP_4114 _KP_4164


















Since it was winter season, the chilly temperature was accompanied by intermittent snowing. The Sun sets pretty early and by 5 it was dark already. The mood for Christmas was perfectly set by the decorations all around, sounds of bells, songs from the people, and of course the Christmas markets. All the shops close down sharply by 8 and every one rush to the Christmas market to enjoy the music from the local bands, shopping, food, meet up with friends/ relatives and say ‘prost‘ over a glass of gluhwein!


River Danube, and the Cathedral in the back ground.


Traditional Bavarian food – a glass of fine beer, potato dumplings and a pork shank.


A candid on the street…
























-Luv n Peace,
(Soruces: Wikipedia)


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