Road trip to Agumbe…

We wanted to make the best use of a long weekend, and try out some wild life photography. So we set our course to the wettest region of the south, destination: Agumbe. Our journey towards Agumbe was greeted by wet roads, steep inclination, sharp turns and greenery on either side.  We had taken pit stops to shoot a gorgeous flower fields and some mini waterfalls. Since the Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham was on the route, we made a halt there to pay our respects to the main deity, the Goddess of Learning, Sri Sharada Parameshwari. The temple’s architecture is elegant, particularly that of the outside walls. The crowd was a mix of devotees and also Brahmins dressed in authentic dress.  We checked around the temple for a while and continued to our journey.

We reached Agumbe late in the evening. The place had a population of hardly a hundred to two hundred people. Our accommodation was arranged at a place called ‘DoddaMane’ which means ‘huge house’ in Kannada. And the place did live up to its name, it had more than 26 rooms out of which 12- 18 were usable. First look at the place from inside takes your straight back to the past, when people used more of wood than concrete to build houses. This kept DoddaMane, comfortable and cozy since the entire wood construction provided a natural weather control. The elder person and owner of the place, Kasturi akka, greeted us with warm smiles and hospitality. She provided us with some Agumbe special food for dinner and a special herbal drink too.

Next morning, after a quick look around the Agumbe town, we set our trek to reach ARRS (Agumbe Rainforest Research Station). On our way, we spotted a green snake and a rat snake resting on top of a tree during its skin shedding period. We also stumbled upon quite a few scenic places during our trek, and also some sounds of rare species of birds too. The nature was revealing itself before us and we were amazed to see its beauty. We returned late in the evening after our tiring trek and retired to bed.

Sunset point was the next in mind for us the next day. But unfortunately it was too much fogged up to see any sunset. So we returned to DoddaMane for our check out. We conveyed our heartfelt gratitude to the people of DoddaMane and said a sweet good bye with an entry on the guest book.

Among the many falls around Agumbe, Jogigundi falls was pretty much well known, and that’s where we were heading to next. A narrow path of stone steps and dense bushes on either side lead our way to the falls. It was far from evening but it was getting dark due to the think forest around. After spending some time at the falls, we decided that it was time to bid Agumbe its farewell and start our journey back home.

In all, it was a short two day trip but totally a journey close to nature. When I think of Agumbe, I get reminded of the lush greenery, constant drizzle, variety of reptiles, and of course the everlasting warm hospitality of DoddaMane.

About Agumbe:

Due to the constant drizzle which sometimes breaks into heavy down pour throughout the year, Agumbe has earned its reputation as the Cherrapunji of the south. The place is also known for its bio diversity and variety of herbal bushes. It has the only permanent rainforest research station in India, known as the ARRS (Agumbe Rainforest Research Station).  Agumbe also served the screening of most of the episodes of one of the most popular television serial Malgudi Days based on R.K Narayan’s novel.

– Luv n Peace,


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