Solitary Bliss


This image was shot while I was on a vacation in Thailand with my friends. After a long touring day, we decided to take a walk on the beach of Patong. Since it was almost evening, the sun was coming down and people started getting back on the shore. I was totally immersed in capturing the sunset as it looked beautiful as usual. While I was trying to get a good composition, I saw this person stand in the water, all alone and lost in his own world. My first instinct was to remove him from the frame. But then I realized that keeping him would make my image more dramatic. I took multiple shots with different compositions and exposures just to make sure that I caught the scene right.

I see this picture and I get all these thoughts on life, as to how alone we really are when we enter this world and how alone we really will be when we leave it. Picture depicts how much the life a human being is related to nature and solitary.

“He stood there all alone, watching the sun go down over the endless horizon of the sea. The waves, trying to push him back to the shore. Harder the waves get, the stronger he stands. Sand under his feet might drift away … but not his inner strength. He stands there till he no longer sees the sun.”

-Luv n Peace,


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