Aatakalari – my take on Concert Photography

Concert Photography is one of the trickiest genres in the art of photography. This would be a real test for a photographer for his skill to adapt to the constant and rapid changing subject and light condition. So I set out to put myself to this test along with my shutter mates Shivakumar (http://journeythroughnature.com)  and Rince Kurian (http://rincethuruthiyil.wordpress.com/). Aatakalari centre of movement arts’s graduation day for their 2012 batch was the right place for me to start. August 24th 2012 showcased the students’ work, the culmination of their studies over the year (JSS Auditorium in Jayanagar, Bengaluru).

The event was inaugurated by the famed Hindi actor Naseeruddin Shah and his wife Ratna Pathak Shah (as their daughter Heeba Shah was also graduating that day). Without further ado, the stage was set ablaze by the performers. The audiences were totally stoned by the tremendous amount of energy they delivered on the stage. Never was a moment were the participants showed any kind of tiredness or tension. It was a skillful display of agility, flexibility, strength and stamina. They enjoyed each and every moment on the stage. Starting off with a classical piece, moving on to modern contemporary style and finally ending with a ‘Kalari’ sequence. The show ended with the performers gathering on the stage to receive their graduation certificate and a blast of applause. In every performer’s eyes, one could totally see how much sweat and blood had been put to perfect each move of the dance. And in their smiles, one could see how much happy they were to make their loved ones proud.

A short nostalgic moment…
As the ‘Kalari’ sequence started, I was taken back to my school days where I had once been a student of Kalari for 2 years. I could understand how much hardship and pain had to be put for perfecting each stance. My master used to tell me “Picture the posture/move in your mind, and let your body obey its will…..train your mind and the body will follow…..”

-Luv n Peace,


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