Follow ur bliss

Follow ur bliss

We live in a world where great personalities have made it to their big dreams. These great personalities never tried to imitate anyone. They just pursued what they loved to do the most. Happiness and satisfaction were the fruits of their hard labor. During all their initial starts their pockets were empty but their hearts were filled with content. Eventually as time passed, money and fame flowed in. All of them did one thing in common; they followed their hearts with patience. The path might be filled with hurdles and criticisms, but the only person who needs a justification is none other and the ‘self’. The body feeds on money and materialistic deeds, but the soul feeds on happiness. Have the guts and the courage to follow your bliss and you will bloom…

Behind the scenes:

The tattoo was a gift from our gang to Rohit on the occasion of his birthday. He wanted to get this tattoo done since a pretty long time. After the work was done, we all met and celebrated his birthday. This picture was clicked after we all got drunk. I asked him “So what made you get this tattoo?” and he replied “Life made me get this tattoo mate, follow your bliss…”

-Luv n Peace,


3 thoughts on “Follow ur bliss

  1. Yooooooo vkkkkkkk…firstly ‘vkclickz’ hahaha nice one… Cool write up i’m humbled & very soon u’ll be my wedding photographer as well 🙂 permission granted for blogging abt that as well 😉

  2. I LOVED the Tattoo.. Its super! AWESOME !!!.. I particularly liked the Font and especially ” Behind the Scenes “.. A precious gift Indeed……….. You have put out the words In a very nice manner………. Fabulous!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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